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2 months ago
It's Giveaway time! 🤩 Participate in week 6 giveaway on Mercy's Menu to win amazing prizes from Power Oil for the New year!!! How to Win: 1. You must be Following us @poweroilng 2. Watch the video till the end to get the question. 3.Drop your answers in the comment section It’s that easy! Hint: Watch the full episode by clicking the link in bio @mercys_menu #Mercysmenu
Power oil 60ml
Power oil 60ml
70ml mini pack power oil sachet was used in episode 6 @aremutolulopegmail @beejaychris
75ml Mini pack power oil sachet #Mercysmenu
60ml Sachet was used in Episode 6 #mercymenu
the size of the power oil that was used is the Mini sachet is (60ml).#Mercymenu
No cholesterol ❤️
70ML Sachet was used in Episode 6 #mercysmenu
She used 60ml, Power Oil Mini pack. #mercymenu