9 months ago
Being a professional athlete and then dating a professional athlete in a totally different sport can be challenging at times. Living apart for most of the year and trying to coordinate racing and training schedules is no easy task. But I am proud of us for making it work and it gives us the opportunity to go on some pretty amazing adventures that we might not otherwise be able to, like spending an extra week in Switzerland after @logandiekmann raced! We got to spend a week skiing, hot tubbing, and eating our way through the alps. And for all the nights apart, the days like this and the chance to support each other chasing our dreams makes it all worth it. ❤️ #fianceappreciationpost #proathletelife
Location Diavolezza
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You two are so cute. 🥰
I like your earrings.
Looking cute together 😍
Do you drink coffe ?
What kind of athletes
I think you're using the term professional just a little too Loosely there. LMAO
u guys look forced and unhealthy
Burf me batti Dede iske