1 month ago
There’s still time for cookie gifting. These World Peace Cookies (recipe @doriegreenspan) may just be my favorite chocolate cookie and they certainly seem timely. I recommend using the best quality cocoa and chocolate you can get your hands on. I used @deZaan’s Terra Rossa cocoa and @valrhona Caribe feves, and wow wow wow. Spreading some love is always a good idea. #chocolatecookies #cookies #worldpiececookies #howiholiday #f52community #f52grams #thebakefeed I keep trying to catch some video content to share, but just can’t get the timing or the lighting to cooperate. Everything this season feels like such a rush. Some will be coming soon!
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These are my favorite 😍
Nowadays it's hard to get real cure for HPV but all thanks to @Dr_Lawson9 for making it possible for me and my mom is completely cured from prostate cancer...
Cookies are the best gift
They look amazing! 😍😍😍