1 month ago
For anyone that has ever felt like the underdog, maybe you have felt like David from David and Goliath… well we got to hear @malcolmgladwell speak at the @workhuman conference and he reminded us all, that your worth and value is not found in blooming quicker than others. Your value and contribution, while others will measure it based off the pressures of performance or relevancy— they may even give more opportunities for those that bloom quicker— our worth is measured not by those pressures of expectations— our worth is inherent and by our existence alone we have value. No metric or societal pressure can outweigh that truth. Thank you @malcolmgladwell for reminding us that we have worth even in amidst feeling like a late bloomer… an underdog.
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He really is the best! …and so are you! 🤍 I loved Outliers. I haven’t ready David and Goliath yet. Adding it to the list!
Really love this!