3 months ago
i’m making a list and checking it twice
Eddie Munson: his life back
we can skip Steve’s present I think
Nah, Will needs a fresh cut 😭
I think therapy is much needed for Vecna he needs to leave our fav people alone 😭😭😭
Are you sure mike doesn’t need the ability to pick up the hint? That boy can’t read a situation to save his life…
max needs new limbs!!
I think everyone needs therapy 😂
No, Will just needs to be happy for once ( I am looking at you Michael )
We wanna season 5 :))
then you’re gonna need to get vecna’s therapist a therapist
Let's be honest here....they ALL need therapy
For me: EDDIE🎸❤️‍🔥😭
Will Doesn’t need a scarf, he needs a boyfriend. ( *cough* mike wheeler *cough*)
I know the official strangers things account did not just thirst for Steve Harrington
You should give Angela to Vecna😂
You guys need to gift Will with a barber that isn’t his mom 💀
i think jonathan’s should be: rehab
I'll take some purple palm tree delight and therapy
@strangerthingstv @slevydirect When Eleven decided to sort of, run away from the lab, not being ready, just like Dr Brenner had told her. It failed to fully save Max from Vecna's wrath. In the final scene we see that the Vecna ​​had obviously not been defeated. Eleven also won't be ready to challenge The Upside Down Monsters alone in the final battle of the series, as a conclusion. obviously there will be a need for more heroes, I kinda wouldn't think it was very cool to have Kali again, it would be too repetitive! For those who haven't seen it, I remember that in the middle of the flashback, Max bleeding from the nose, as well as Eleven, while Mike in the classroom watches her in surprise to see the scene. Then ! I firmly believe that Max will come out of his coma before the time skip. When everyone is lost in the midst of the army of the inverted world taking command of Hawkins, also remembering that the Duffer brothers use a lot of reference in anime when there is a fight, so, to everyone's surprise, Max will appear in the battle floating, in Harry's climax Potter (Phoenix), and together Eleven and Max, maybe even Will joins the two in this battle. The Duffers stated that there would be more heroes at the end. So before the time jump, which for me will be in the middle or near the end of the season, just like in Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows. Part 2. Eleven, Max and Will will manage together to defeat Vecna's army, and Vecna ​​himself (Harry Potter again, with a mixture of Lord of the Rings and the return of the king), then there will be the time jump. there will be a time for each of the characters to complete their arcs. Then the Hawkins High School graduation. Giving the series a happy ending for everyone, just like "The Lord of the Rings and the Return of the King"! OK ?! Remembering that this is my theory, and what I would like to happen are people. Everyone has their own vision!🔥❤️❤️❤️