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3 months ago
Audio-on for the sound of loons (diver bird), recorded during this 20-second exposure from a peaceful lake in Maine on a night unspoiled by light pollution. It was about 3 am my family was sleeping in this renovated boathouse, enveloped by ambient night sounds. In city life we are disconnected from these natural elements. Our excessive light pollution not only vanishes the stars, it can immensely disturb wildlife. The natural night environment is far more sensitive to light than general public recognizes. A single intense LED light, left on unnecessarily in a vacation home, can disturb birds, insects, and the entire view. Learn more on, the website International Dark Sky Association @idadarksky, and on a feature article I photographed for @natgeo website “Our nights are getting brighter, and Earth is paying the price”. #cop15 #lake #nature #wildlife #light #star #astrophotography
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استاد تفرشی کاشکی یک کانال تلگرام داشتین که عکس و ویدیوهای محشرتون رو بتونیم از اونجا دریافت کنیم🙏🏻🤠
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I'd LOVE that as a ring or message tone. Can you send it? I have very fond memories of Maine. (I'm Australian)
😍😍😍😍 وای این تایم لپس عالیه
این صدا و تصویر ذهن آدمو به سکوت می رسونه😍😍♥️