5 months ago
We're honored to have @thisisbillgates recognize the work of our incredible Grassroot Soccer Coaches, who are harnessing the power of the beautiful game to empower young people to live healthier lives! ⚽❤️ Read Bill's blog post and watch the entire video featuring Grassroot Soccer Zambia Coach Kunda Mwitwa at the link in bio. #Repost @thisisbillgates ・・・ The positive impact soccer can have on and off the field is just one reason why I agree it’s the beautiful game.
😍 i have my certificate on grassrootsoccer
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A healthy body helps a healthy mind! Amazing work!
Educate -inspire - Mobilize❤️⚽️
Proudly Zambian! 🇿🇲 ⚽ Keep up the good work!!