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3 months ago
We are one out of one trillion species currently living on Earth, on a unique paradise in the harsh space ocean. On this morning of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, I was photographing the full moon setting just before sunrise. I noticed hundreds of seabirds flying from their nests in the nearby islands to the city’s seashore. Some of these huge frigatebirds have about 2 meters (7.5 ft) wingspan. As they passed above me, the air was filled with ambient sound of their flapping wings. It felt like a Jurassic scene with Pterosaurs flying above me! #cop15 #riodejaneiro #birds #nature #animals #sunrise
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چشمان ما کوچک نیست ...زیبایی کرانه ندارد"سهراب🌱
Мне не нужны шлюхи из каров и тайных комнат у которых борода по колено. Мерзость дырявая.
Wow. Such wonderful captures
Dang I love this planet