3 months ago
I was focused on my side hustle.
Working from home
Wow not sure who wrote this ad. But … my.god. That’s funny!!
This is the most relatable car accident of all time
A meeting on the cheeto chicken sandwich?
Bring back the old 5 for 5 box mann😢
Just been to kfc and there no rice, this has happened many of times.
Just got to KFC to get the famous bowl. Price went up, no more cookie. More expensive, less quantity, less quality. Over 5 billion dollars profit in 2022. Wtf, I hate capitalism and I hope we have a bloody revolution soon.
Do u have a famous bowl?
This meeting is important☠️
Los pollos Hermanos >>
Just ordered 5 tender big box yesterday I’d rate it goated/10
I am still waiting for my delivery. They never show up ... I call the center services and they never Pick up ...
Yall need to have a meeting about bringing back the potatoe wedges 🤤🤤
real talk
I imagine you're all always in a meeting the way you never answer your phones or respond to legitimate complaints.
I have not had kfc for a long time
If u send an email to corporate the page goes blank, and If u call, nobody ever answers.
hungry jacks is alway better than keffers
❤️ thats my life
Extremely important meeting
I really love those fries 🍟
Bring back potato wedges