1 month ago
All the boxes that house the “Fly Me To The Moon” pendant by Jacob & Co. have been painted by artist @alecmonopoly, making each box a unique work of art. Limited to 250 units for $1,200. Shop now via link in bio. @alecmonopolyart #JacobAndCo #InspiredByTheImpossible
Location Jacob & Co.
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Surely they could have found a better graff artist right !?! That was some entry level toy painting.
I’ve got one of these, all sold out, who wants to buy ?
🗑 😂
Got one!!
Nice 🔥
I think it's fire 🔥. People need to realize people are only getting 1 box. Not a whole piece. Wouldn't make sense to do something other than abstract art tags since you wouldn't see the full piece anyway.