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India was a medicine. A full treatment for the body, mind and soul. It's been only 10 days I left it and I'm still processing this experience. It's difficult to find words that can express the feeling of being there but I was lucky enough to spend some time only in Vrindavan and around it, there's so much to discover so it's definitely a place to go back❤️🥰🙏🏾 India is intense every single day. The smells, the colours, the people, the animals, the noise, the food, the flavours, the endless services to the divine...the prayers, the faith in God and It's magically beautiful. We don't need to go to India to understand that we're spirit souls living in a human body, but it's definitely a place that can help us to understand it better. By divine grace I could meet my spiritual master through my teachers and a family of friends to get inspired by. I'm immensely grateful for it. We're definitely just walking each others home. I hope to be back soon. Thank God🙏🏾🥰❤️ #yoga #vrindavan #bhakti #bhaktiyoga #india #practice #godisgood #explore #peace #love #service #devotion
Location Vrindavan
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Demais… uma viagem à India pode ser uma experiência para a vida toda… fui para lá em 2017 e me influenciou demais na minha formação
E suas realizações também. Concordo plenamente que a india ajuda no nosso processo de auto realização
Que lindas fotos🔥
Can’t wait to hear from you what came out of it :) 🔥
Che meraviglia!!! Dev'essere stata un'esperienza incredibile!!!🙏🏼🥰
Que lindo texto! ❤️❤️