1 month ago
Another new 800,000 listeners - 4.5 million more streams than last year - 20 new countries added to my listenership - The glass is half full - can’t complain because every year I’m doing better and my career is growing even in its 20th+ year Someone that never hustled this way before has no idea what it means to grow a brand Ya average music listener thinks mainstream rappers are all that matter - they think we don’t matter because I’m not on Drake’s level - thank god everyone in this world is not a moron - apparently 2.5 million people know what’s up as far as NECRO is concerned - that’s who I do this for - now if I could get all 2.5 million to buy 1 shirt!!! haha 😂 To think there is people that STILL think they can hold me back in life - so many people tried to stop my shine - you got no idea how much hate I had to deal with on my come up in this music industry - a lot of artists came up 2010 and forward in the online internet world - I go back to demos in 1990 dealing with people outside in their face - I paved the way for a lot to be able to rock after I started I am one of the greatest to ever do this - numbers don’t lie 😊 Salute and Thanks for listening 🔪🤘🔥🎤
Happy for you 🔥
If they don’t know, know they do
180 countries!!!
Necro needs to make a diss track for Kanye West and all the other rappers that hate on the Jews
Congrats bro. You're a Legend. 💯
Half of the streams are bc of me 👏
0.1% of listeners 😈😈