4 months ago
Lillie girl you are the greatest joy that we didn't know we needed🥰 happy first birthday cutie pie (a couple of weeks late) 💕 your joyful spirit is so contagious and it's just like you for your first word to be "YAY" hahah💗 my happy little sweetie! You are so adored🥰🥰🥰
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Angel girl!! 💕
Love that lil babe🤍
Little Lillie bug! Don’t know how we ever did life without that smile💛
Little Lillie bug! Don’t know how we ever did life without that smile💛
I really miss your podcast. But I love to see the girls!! Happy bday to the lil one
Happy birthday 🎂🎈🎁🎉🎊
I admire your family so much. I love the fact you don't go way overboard on birthday parties. Some of these other country artists have to have outrageous parties. Simple, loving , down to earth parties they will cherish more. You get to spend quality time with them. Great job you all 👏 Beautiful kiddos
I think you copy paste your children 😂❤️ they are all so pretty and look identical!!
Her first word was “yay”?! That’s fantastic! What a treasure!
1. Happy bday, Lillie girl!!!! We love you sooo big!!!! I can’t wait for you to fall in love with SBJ and be my daughter. 2. Larn I’m still annoyed you looked so hawt after having a baby. That just ain’t right 3. YOU HAVE FOUR KIDS. HOW.
But really the sunshine we all needed!!💛 I love you beautiful Lillie girl!!!!! And your teeth and smile are my fave🥰🥰🥰
Happy Birthday she is so cute. If feels like you just had her I can’t believe she is already 1. ❤️
I just want to be best friends with all of you 🥲
Only you can look this good white giving birth !! Happy birthday Lillie
Love these Precious photos...The family portrait is absolutely Priceless 💘💘💘💘💘💘
Sweetest face😭😭😭
HBD precious Lillie💝🥰🙌🏼
Precious Lillie!
The happiest baby ever!!!! 💞 love you so much Lillie!!
Happy birthday angel girl
Love her pics and pjs! You [email protected] out @mamalulu.co too!! We are bamboo obsessed!