1 month ago
How to choose the ideal #headphone ? Headphones make great #gifts , so we’ve put together a guide to walk you through the simple steps to choosing the perfect headphones for you or a loved one. Link in bio. #bowerswilkins
Hi, why can’t you repair px7 bluetooth headphone? I feel like it is such a waste to have the product and I regret purchasing it very much, especially when you can’t repair the problem of your product after the warranty over. Our retailer told me that they can’t make any repair after waranty is over. So it means when there is something happened when your warranty has expired I throw the product to the trash? It can’t be used ag all. Please, I love your product, but the reason as why you can’t repair the product is beyond ridiculous
I just got a pair of MW75’s. I prefer B&W’s sound signature more, if there was a sale for Christmas I’d buy them.