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📍Charminar, Hyderabad. ✍🏻Charminar was built by Sultan Mohammed Quli Qutb Shah in 1591. It is said that this square shaped structure with four pillars and intricate carvings was built in honour of his wife, Bhagmati. However, the actual reason behind building Charminar is still not clear. As per a popular belief, Charminar was built to acknowledge the elimination of the plague which had affected the entire city immensely during that era. It is believed that the Sultan had prayed for the end of this plague with which his people were suffering. Hence, as the plague ended, he built the charminar as a tribute to Allah. The four pillars are also said to be dedicated to the first four caliphs of Islam. ❗️Best time to Visit- 1 hour before Sunset ✅ Follow @areeebic for more content. 👨🏻‍🎓 Inspired by @maroofculmen sir #charminar #charminarhyderabad #charminar😍 #charminarstreets #hyderabadfoodie #hyderabadtravelblogger #hyderabadtourism #monuments #nizams #nizamsofhyderabad #architectureofindia #archaelogy #historicalmonument #hyderabaddiaries #hyderabadi #hyderabadblogger
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