2 months ago
One of the most exciting parts of a total solar eclipse is that as day turns into night there is not only the physical collapse of what we see as time, but the color gives us cues that make us feel that time has changed. As the moon began to reach totality, I noticed the side of a mountain range suddenly turned the color of what reminded me of a Maxfield Parrish Painting. The dramatic color only lasts for a few seconds as day turns into night. #eclipse #antarctica #color #moon #day #night #painting #maxfieldparrish #photography
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very special, rare moment 💯❤️
I wish i would talk to him one more time it seems like forever since i heard fromm him , here when i am very
Excelente fotografía! 😍
Before I read your explanation, I thought this was a modern painting! I had to look again to see where this came from! Exquisite.
WoW Stephen graciassssssss por compartir tu experiencia, viendo tus fotos vivimos e imaginamos el momento y esto me hace sentir tan bien, como esta foto mucha Paz y serenidad ...momento sublime Bravo!!!!!!! @stephenwilkes