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Each and every Day to Night has a unique story within the frame, and I’m often asked which of these images have a deeper personal meaning to me. The Day to Night of the Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade in NYC from several years ago certainly has a unique place in my heart. One of the special memories of this photograph is that my daughter Jennie is actually in the photograph. We often talked about going to the parade together over the years… and FINALLY It happened! It was a very cold day and she helped assist and stayed with me the entire shoot , she even brought me hot coffee and Thanksgiving goodies while the rest of the family kept warm uptown . I was so lucky to have her with me. ❤️ Swipe for a loupeview with the details of this image! Wishing everyone a Happy & Healthy Thanksgiving !!! #newyorkcity #thanksgiving #macys #parade #daytonight #photography
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Macy’s Parade! Lovely and tender memories with your daughter Jennie!!! And Jennie to have her father only for her !!! ❤️🙏🏻🤩😘
Wonderful pictures!! Thanks for sharing your talent!!
That last shot, though – looking in on the people in their apartment. Very cool.
Always loved this one, now more so knowing that Jennie was with you!
Awesome post
Maybe you should use this as a move to "golden eggs" within your pictures. Something quirky that we can all look forward to finding it. Never get sick of your pics.
Amazing 🙌🏼👏🏼