2 weeks ago
I've been meaning to post this for ages as I think it's one of my favourite photos of me? 😍 I want to post more about #selfacceptance and #bodyacceptance (also called #bodypositivity ) ☺️ after years of negative self talk and trying to look "different" I have gotten to a place of peace with how I look and present to the world 🌎 Some days are still a struggle, I have doubts and comparison that my brain loves to go to but ultimately I know that there is no one I would rather be than me 🫂 I'm going to post my journey and I can't wait for you to come along for the ride ♥️ #selflove #selfie #mirrorselfie #me #mentalhealth
It really is a perfect picture. X
Promote it on @mentalhealth__community🍫
Promote it on @mentalhealth__community⛹️‍♂️