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📖: Untying the Knot by Meghan Quinn Swipe for my favorite quotes and other lovely words ❤️ Spoilers below: Sometimes a grumpy yet quirky meet-cute isn't enough to convince the two main characters that there's a spark. The run-ins that follow after, have baseball player Ryot intrigued with the sassy Myla. Her quick wit and ability to be unapologetic are refreshing to Ryot. Baseball has always been number 1. That is until his love for Myla becomes all-consuming and he finds himself slipping into the white knight ready to save his damsel at any given moment. This isn't just a book about these strangers falling in love. It's about their marriage falling apart. And falling back together. I love a MMC who is boy-crazy. Ryot is pretty enamored with Myla and when he finally realizes he wants her, he wins her. Mind, body and soul. The level of patience and honesty is next level. We would all be lucky to have a partner like Ryot. But this new book husband has his flaws hence being served the divorce papers. He won’t let the love of life slip through this fingers so easily though. For anyone who has been or is in a long-term relationship, this book is relatable. The small petty mind games will have you cracking up. Special cameos like Kazoo and the Cane brothers will keep you smiling. These really break up those tough scenes. Chapter 13 will have your heart aching and tears flowing. I appreciate Quinn writing about the hardships couples face in marriages without adultery. Betrayal can happen in many forms and with Myla's past trauma, it has her retreating into survivor mode, which is to protect her heart. This book was everything to me. I highlighted the s*it out of it. The steamy scenes might as well have been Habaneros, short but spicy AF. If you're looking for a unique love story, this emotional roller coaster ride is worth it. ⭐⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐/5 🌶🌶🌶🌶 . . . . #bookblog #bookrec #booksof2022 #bookinstagram #books #bibliophile #bookworm #bookish #reading #love #lovelywords #ebook #kindleunlimited #newromance #tbr #booksta #booktok #bookquotes #bookaholics #bookannotations #sportsromance #truelove #Ryot #meghanquinn #untyingtheknot #divorce #marriage
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