3 days ago
Sayin’ thank ya so much from my ol’ pick up truck for all the amazing #BlackAdam  support and reactions as we launched across digital so you can also watch it at home! #1 movie on iTunes 🔥 ⚡️⚡️⚡️ We’ll also remain in theaters as well throughout the holidays 🎅🏾⚡️ Also wanted to give ya some SUPERMAN info as @henrycavill finally returns home to the DC Universe in BLACK ADAM. To us, at @sevenbucksprod we couldn’t strategically help build out the DC Universe (and subsequently introduce Black Adam & JSA to the world) without the greatest superhero of all time - Superman - in the game and ready to go. No was never an option. Fans first. Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy BLACK ADAM⚡️ 🦃🍿🛻