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In 2016 I traveled to Lake Bogoria, Kenya, to create a Day to Night™ of the Lesser Flamingos for @natgeo. I created 4 Day to Night images of bird migration around the world. After shooting and working with a terrific team in Kenya, I was so inspired that I decided to rent a helicopter to photograph these magnificent birds from above. This image captures the extraordinary ebb and flow of the Flamingos as they gather and take off, each bird flies outwards in a measured pattern, creating a jet stream of footprints along the surface of the water. It’s a spellbinding visual to witness. #natgeo #flamingos #migration #kenya #africa #lakebogoria
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¡¡¡¡¡Mágico!!!! Stephen eres un genio !!!! ARTE!!! en Kenia!! @stephenwilkes
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There Is the Power of Beauty there Stephen.🌸
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Nice shots 😍👏 these flamingos are so amazing 😉 from what I believe they can migrate from one country to another, is it so? 😮❤️
❤️🙏💞💕☕💯👍super beautiful photography thanks for sharing wishing you a blessed day 🙏 ❤ 🌹 💐