2 months ago
The gym is the foundation. The work is what changes you. Tell us where you find your Iron Paradise in the comments and gear up in the new collection in our bio. #ThisIsYourIronParadise #ProjectRock @UnderArmour @DicksSportingGoods
Where can I get that shirt
i can do splits spinning on my back 360, since i gave birth to my brain. While the real thrones chief investigator spot checked ( real)
Hello 😍
$85 sweatpants....$18 for ONE pair of socks!!! How ridiculous is that shit!? Seriously Dwayne you should be ashamed of yourself. You already have more money than God. You could EASILY put out a line of workout wear that is affordable specially considering its being made out of country. "OH I started with $7 in my pocket, I'm sooooo humble" whatever...
I can’t find it on th website 😭😭😭
I can’t find this on the website, I want this for myself
I don't find this on the website.