2 months ago
I had the privilege of officially opening the doors at the brand new Melbourne central @underarmourau store.
Location Melbourne Central Shopping Mall
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@underarmour thank you for designing the freedom wear. A CTV reporter in Canada criticized you for put freedom and the Canadian flag together on a shirt. That means you’re doing something right! Keep at it! Thank you for inspiring truth and freedom in our nation.
BAD EXPERIENCE WITH PURCHASE ON THE OFFICIAL WEBSITE IN BRAZIL !! 1st and last time... I bought 1 HOVR Infinite 2 Sneakers (R$519.00) + 1 pct of Socks (R$49.90), it arrived on time, only with a BIG DETAIL, the wrong Product arrived, ONE ARRIVED OLYMPIKUS TENNIS, (worth R$149.90), and MY ORDER WAS TO STOP IT IN SANTARÉM/PA (I live in Goiânia/Go). Whoever received my product there in Santarem, bought this olympikos on the Riachuelo website (another Brazilian store), and I bought it on the Under Armor official website... after sales of underarmour brasil, does not answer the phone and barely responds to emails.
Brilliant 🔥❤️👏
Please answer me in direct 🙏🙏🙏🙏 it's about Collaboration 🔥🔥
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Oh my goodness, you’re smashing it❣️ Well done you ❣️💖❣️