2 months ago
TRAVEL THE WORLD WITH OUR SPICE PASSPORT You’ve been asking for a convenient way to gift our spices to friends and family for years, and we heard you! Meet the brand-new Spice Passport, a sampler pack of our best-selling spices, here to spread “seasonings” greetings this holiday. Each hand-illustrated passport contains 8 recyclable pods that each hold one half teaspoon of your favorite spices: Cobanero Chili Flakes Royal Cinnamon Smoked Pimentón Paprika Purple Stripe Garlic Robusta Black Pepper Sun-Dried Tomato Powder Flowering Hyssop Thyme Black Lime It's perfect for holiday hosts, teacher gifts, or for that person on your list who wants to learn how to cook more but isn't sure where to start. Buy a single Passport, or pick up a 5-pack for stocking stuffers or gift exchange games. Plus, the Spice Passport ships free in the US—no minimum order needed!
Love this!!!!😍😍😍😍
Great marketing piece… viral… in a good way. Well done!
How much? (I realize I could go find the link but I’m lazy haha)
The perfect stocking stuffer 💜
This seems like a really fun gift! ^^
OMG I want this so bad. LOL it's so cute and amazingly clever.