2 months ago
*New* PURPLE SHALLOT SLICES Our savory, sweet, dried Purple Shallots add umami depth and allium sweetness to myriad dishes, from rice and noodles to stews and braises. They also make a fun, crispy garnish to vegetables (hello, green beans), rice or any dish that you'd use fresh shallots in. These shallots are grown in Vietnam's Red River Delta, an area famous across the country for this beloved ingredient. After harvest, they are carefully cured, thinly sliced and laid out to dry. These aren't fried - just dried, crispy shallots. Dried shallot slices are a wonderfully convenient ingredient to keep on hand for cooking up traditional Vietnamese and other Southeast Asian dishes, and French, Italian and the many other cuisines in which shallots are highly prized. (1 big pinch of dried = 1/2 fresh shallot.)
We’re going through our jar FAST.
These are Wonderful.