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Fathers Trip ✅ I’m going going, back back, to Cali Cali
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@max favorite hawk LFG
I see glory and blessings in you and you are destined for greatness directly from birth I have an important message for you but I will need your honest permission to proceed because your ancestors have been trying to reach you by revealing some signs to you maybe through your dreams, or the repeated numbers that you normally see (222,4:44,1111,15:15) around your environment . I also see your throat and sacral energy blocked So kindly reply me once you get this message with a picture of your right hand palm my dear if you want to know the message I have for you Namaste 🙏 💫
STYLE 🔝🙌🔥🔥🔥
My kid is an 08. He plays bantam in Lansing Michigan. He was diagnosed with type 1 this past Easter weekend. He is still playing, and you are an inspiration to kids like him. Best regards.
Hello👋 I glanced through your page and I have a proposal for you, can I give you an insight ?
#armitaabbasi #humanrights #22yrsold
I love your skill and how you have everyone's back your a favorite Blackhawk for me @max can I get a like?