2 weeks ago
“One lesbian couple drove up from Philly and I handed it off to them in the car. Not my favorite way to do it, but it works. That baby was born yesterday. And I’ve got another one being induced in six hours. That’ll be my twelfth in two years. Then there’s three more on the way. I’m what they call a ‘known donor.’ It’s a whole community, a whole thing: there’s forums, websites, apps. It’s like a parallel economy. A viable sperm sample is $700—just for a little bit. And the fertility treatments can be thousands. Not everyone can afford it; that’s where I come in. Everything is kinda handshake. I don’t charge the mothers. And they don’t expect any financial support. As for the insemination—there’s different ways of going about it. Some use IVF. But it’s like fish. Fresh is better than frozen. Menstrual cups work well. I’d say 25 to 35 percent of the women I’ve actually had sex with. There wasn’t romance, exactly. A couple times they’d never been with a male before. The last one said: ‘Let’s soldier up, and get it done.’ But not everyone meets my criteria. Some women want it to be anonymous; I don’t want that. I want to be involved. I explain to each one: ‘This child will be born into a larger family. I have eighteen other children.’ I’d like as many as God will give me. Why put your entire bloodline into one child when you can spread it out? Eighteen is a holy number in Judaism. And the next one is thirty-six, so I’ll reassess then. My ultimate goal is to find two or three of the mothers who will be sister wives, because I’m gonna need help with all this. But I know one thing: it will never be boring. It will be fun. I play in a softball league. And I’m hoping twenty years from now, I’ll be able to field an entire team of my kids.”