2 months ago
My therapist said this: You will feel not enough somewhere… How does that land for you? Do you immediately think of any area you thrive and an area you don’t feel enough in? Maybe… You love your job but you’ve not made time for community? You love your church but you need to get out of the bubble more? You provide for your family but maybe you could serve outside the home better? You work but you also missed that football game? Whatever it is, be kind to yourself in your self-talk… The talk that says: “Try harder, be more, do more, SPEND more… If only you did this than you’d be good enough”, overtime these words will erode at your self-confidence and you’ll find yourself operating in a place of insecurity and performance… the motive to tell yourself these things came out of a good place, but these words are misinforming you of your efforts and your worth…💛 Self compassion means honoring that you can’t be all things to all people all the time and that is okay.
This speaks so much to me! ❤️