2 weeks ago
“I’m not really someone you call a planner when it comes to writing books. Sometimes there’s just a feeling, like: ‘I know I’ll be able to make something really good about this.’ Right now I’m working on an adventure book called The Adventures of Sloth about a sloth that goes on an adventure. My mom is helping me edit. I get stuck on the editing part because I just want to keep writing; it's like, ugh, can I do it later. I'm quite busy in my everyday life but I’ve written like eight to ten books. My favorite genre is fantasy because so many mythical beings just pop into my head every day. One time, I think in art class, I thought of a mythical being that combined a tiger and a bird and I called it a Terd. A Terd has the features of a tiger like the stripes and the jaw, but also wings. And it can breathe in outer space. Every time I write a story I focus on three elements: suspense, action, and dialogue. And I try to think of a lot of good surprises. Like what if it turns out that the Terd is actually part turtle too, and can breathe underwater? That’s called a plot twist. Dialogue is the hardest because you have to make it seem like a natural conversation that could happen in real life. You can’t just make it blibber blabber like ‘how are you,’ or ‘how was your day,’ or stuff like that. It has to have some juicy parts, like: ‘Did you know there’s a giant Terd on your back?’”