2 months ago
It’s a love/hate situation with her kisses... and I love them more than hate em’… I’m THAT dog owner. This morning, I laid on my back and stared at the ceiling while she laid right beside me. Her little body just wanting to be as close as possible. It was the first morning in awhile I didn’t feel an urgency to respond to an email, text or phone call. It was the first time I hadn’t rushed around to pack or head out of town for work in a couple months... I just settled into the ground and decided I would just pray and not ask God for one thing. I’d just lay there and be with Him like my sweet little puppy did to me. Sometimes we underestimate the power of talking with God about our list of things we are grateful for because the things that ache our hearts can outweigh immeasurably. While I’ve endured a lot of heart ache in my life, I can still find gratefulness… and I had to fight to see it. I believe some of the most genuine and grateful spirits I meet are ones that have endured a-lot of pain and learned that the only way through is with gratitude. Gratefulness is gritty. There’s nothing fake, fluffy or flowery about it.
Love this message, friend ❤️
So true. Love this friend!❤️
Gratefulness is gritty - that’s good!