2 months ago
Little play by play for the birthday boy @tie_domi Thank you for being you. Never change bud. Happy birthday! We love ya ❤️
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Albanian Warrior 🫡🇦🇱💪🏻
Lmao this is great!
“He’d kill me “👏😂💀
It's in the 🇦🇱 genetics for sure @tie_domi
🙌Happy Birthday, Domi—- honestly, I had a few reservations; but I’m THRILLED you are a Blackhawk—- hopefully for as long as you’d like to be👏
@max Ray used to pump your old man. Don’t lie!
Your pops was a bad mother effer!
Happy birthday
I have a pic from your dad pounding brasher autographed to Paul Healey from when you played in Miami when you were 16/u 😂😂😂