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#EvilDeadRise coming for you April 21. @evildead
Niiiiice!! Also a trailer would be nice?🤷🏽‍♂️
#EvilDeadRise 👏👏
Can you guys and Warner bros and platinum dunes please have michael bay,brad fuller,and andrew form on gettin back together with Samuel Bayer and Wesley strick and Eric heisserer and Steve Jablonsky and the rest of the crew and try to talk to Warner bros and New line cinema and platinum dunes on having them reviving/making a sequel to a nightmare on elm street 2010 and title it a nightmare on elm street 2 freddy's return and it should bee about nancy is now a paitient at westin hills hospital for years with 13 others who also have been dealing with freddy in the past and when freddy kuegger begins stalking thee occupants of the mental hospital it up too nancy and quentin to stop freddy once and for all!...............ps similar elements to a nightmare on elm street 2 freddys revenge and a nightmare on elm street 3 dream warriors and the story about 13 others that they use too bee 16 of them also and theyve were students and victims of freddy kuegger too and also clancy brown should reprise his role also and the best released date for a sequel is 2025 but if they cannot released it in 2025 then they should released it in 2026 then,and also please make a nightmare on elm street 3 and title it either a nightmare on elm street 3 dream fighters or a nightmare on elm street 3 dream masters or whatever and still have Rooney Mara and Kyle gallner and Jackie Earle Haley and possibly Clancy brown reprise there roles and totally make the sequel elements similar to a nightmare on elm street 4 dream masters and a nightmare on elm street 5 dream child and Freddys Dead the final nightmare and Wes craven the New nightmare and release it in 2028 but if not then u have my full permission to release it in 2029
Corona lads, Masonic Losers and their dudes; You've always been a piece of shit to me. You will always be just a piece of shit. Whatever you are, you're just a piece of shit in my eyes and you always have been.
don't tease me with this, just GIVE ME THE MOVIE TO WATCH