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4 months ago
I’m still in shock. As I’m sure many others are too. I’m unable to find the right words… I’m still trying to comprehend how this charming, bright, determined energy of a woman is no longer with us. She’s been stolen away. We’ve been robbed. It’s not fair. I’m not finished. I’ll try to come back. This Empress deserves that we speak of her goodness but this shock is so heavy. My heartfelt sympathies go out to what I know is a huge number of friends and family. We have lost another champion and it hurts a great deal. Missing your voice already Jo… Josephine Melville Award winning Actress, playwright, comedienne and much, much more.
Rest in power Queen 🙏🏿
She was ‘stolen away’… she was a Pure 💜.
Deepest condolences Shaz. So unfair… Bewildering this life … It really is at times like this 🙏💟
Hugs @shazdb this news is hard to assimilate.... May our Sister Jo Melverley Rest In Eternal Perfect Peace 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾❤❤❤
😢😢😢I’m so sorry , sending you lots of love
I’m so so sorry. Sending you love ❤️