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Straight from the motherf****n' slums that's busted ! #wuwednesday #wutang #wutangclan #wutangforever
👁️ Aloha @wutangclan 'Ohana 👐 Speaking of & to our 00 'Ohana… Oliver Twist Gets Pissed & Oliver Twist Gets Pissed: Clone Wars Oliver Twist Gets Pissed Anyone ever wondered what happened to an orphan named Oliver Twist?? 💖🃏Joker's Book Club🃏💙 Oliver, John Oliver is Oliver Twist: an investigator for the international child welfare office, or, ICPS (International Child Protective Services). Being an abused orphan, himself, Oliver Gravitates towards a career helping the helpless… Dirty Bastard, Young Dirty Bastard is a probation violator – in danger of revocation – with a lovely singing voice; in other words: YDB has a history of singing or "snitching" (socially UNacceptable, due to Pedophilistic Predators, influencing their victims to remain silent) on vile villains in his neighborhood… Speaking of the vile villains of Staten Island or Shaolin as the kids of ODB call it… Someone – or something – is kidnapping children. Even with as many children as ODB has, eventually, when children are being kidnapped (even in a neighborhood known for resilient residents WHO would never "snitch"), people begin to take notice… Enter Oliver Twist & The Wu Tang Clan Clues lead our hip hop heroes from NY to London to Transylvania… Vampires?? Adrenochrome harvested in Transylvania is being dealt worldwide by a sinister syndicate… Can our Hip Hop Heroes save da proverbial day?? "Warriors… come out & play-hey-hey…" ODB 👐 #WuTangIsForTheChildren 👐 Oliver Twist Gets Pissed: Clone Wars Oliver Twist knows what it feels like to be an orphan: "Please sir… EYE want some mooore…" Oliver Twist Often fantasizing about being adopted, our next capitalist clone case is personal to our Hip Hop Hero: Nazi-Doctors & Nazi-Scientists are creating clones to capitalize off of orphan adoptions. Why take a risk on past trauma resurfacing when you can custom order a test tube baby clone?? Monitoring lower adoption rates, clone coupled with an alarming increase in the number of Celebrities with Twins (speaking of Nazi Twin Experiments in Nazi-Hollywood…), ICPS (International Child Protective Services) sends 00 Officer Oliver Twist to investigate…
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