3 months ago
#OrgainPartner I know I’m not the only one barely hanging on here, right?😅 This is our first year having grown boys in all these activities and whewww, I don’t know how ya’ll do it lol. How am I supposed to balance work, taking care of the home, date nights with hubs, self-care, one-on-one time with my 3 kids, while they have karate, basketball, swimming, piano, and school? How do ya’ll do it?! Literally just trying to find anyway to make the days easier around here. These Orgain kid shakes from @drinkorgain are probably my favorite parenting hack lol. I literally keep them in my purse when we’re on the go so if anyone gets hungry in between stops - BOOM, here ya go🙌🏽! It has protein, fiber, vitamins, minerals, all that so it’s perfect for these moments. What do ya’ll do to help balance it all and make the days easier?! Go check out @drinkorgain to learn more😍 #thateveryyayfeeling #orgainkidstory
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We need a support group 😢@kathlynceleste
I have 3 children… 2,4 and 11. All different schedules and activities. All I know is the days are long and so I the nights but without my hubby & mom I would be losing its. I VOTE MOMS CLUB
I don't do it all! Impossible! You have to have HELP( family or hire nanny or respite service if you have kids with special needs). When I had one kid I could almost do it all. But once you have 2 or more and activities,therapies,bigger home,more work,less family around or friends to help etc... it's hard. So I pick my battles... I'm not even on social media much bc of it.
It’s a blur!! 3 kids keep me busyyy!!!