1 month ago
“I call it God’s Gift; it’s priceless. 1981 Oldsmobile Cutlass, right? I got a great deal on it. And I knew it matched my vibe. In the beginning it was all about the exterior. Visual stuff, you know what I mean: add-ons, and new rims, and new tires with fresh white walls. But I ended up losing my first engine. Because I never paid much attention to things like maintenance, and oil changes. How clean it should be on the inside. When they lifted the old engine out of the car, I remember thinking: it looks just like a mechanical heart. It made me think about the food I was eating. There were never many healthy choices in my community. It was McDonald’s every day after school. Either that or corner store food: powdered donuts, sunflower seeds, bag of chips. I grew up on that, heavily. Those are low vibrational foods. And I think they were responsible for a lot of my most negative behaviors. Right now I’m in transition to a plant-based diet. And I definitely try to stay away from anything man-made. People in my community see me in the street, just by my panache, my verve. They notice it. And they want to know: what can they do to obtain it? I tell them the truth: the diet. Then I invite them to stop by my place for a juice. I make it every morning in the kitchen. All my ingredients come from a local market in Yonkers. I choose rare, exotic fruits: things that can be out of reach: passion fruit, dragon fruit, sour sop, purple carrots, golden beets. My specialty is sea moss. Sea moss has 92 out of the 100 minerals that your body needs. And I mix it right. A lot of this stuff is new to the people in my community. But I can tell you right now—never had anyone yet, make a funny face about one of my drinks.”