3 months ago
happy saturday from me and my favorite pants ever that I need made in every single color there is🫶🏽 lol. don’t come at me when you see me wearing it every week okay? Waiting for the other colors to come back in my size so until not, get acquainted😌 lol ya’ll they’re LONG. I can never find pants long enough for my 5’9 self🥲 I bought an XL and they’re a bit loose around the waist but still so perfect. linking them in my stories! It’s usually sold out so I’ll try to link some similar ones too. 🫶🏽 #fallfashiontrends #fallfashion2022 #falllooks #falloutfitideas #amazonfinds2022 #amazonfashionfinds #motelrocks #cargopants
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@walissima_afrohairandwear ela me recorda tanto de ti.
Where can I get these cargo pants?
I can’t find the link for these 😢❤️ @kathlynceleste
So cute 😍
We are about the same size! I love this look.
Can you please link this outfit 😍🔥
@kathlynceleste I'm searching in your stories for the outfit links but I don't see it anymore?
I’ve been trying to get these shoes in the platform style 😢😍