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fall clothes and pasta ♡
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the boots!!!😍😍
Hey @laurenratner Send me a DM, we can do great things together! ⚡️⚡️
Girls coming out of the woodwork saying Justin has been flying them out to the Bahamas or wherever he goes, international girls, that he has cheated and hooked up with him. Apparently he cheated right after they got married and has continue to do so. All of this year. People that have been proven to have inside information before that has come true has now said that he constantly cheats on her. Disappointed she would stay with such a loser. That’s not a strong woman. In allowing his ex to be a part of their life. It just looks messy.
!!!l Lauren there are some people close to Justin saying he is going to file for divorce late Friday. I pray for @haileybieber sake this is not true.😢😢😢😢😢. Especially since the rumors are that he cheats on her. He has the nerve to leave her?
Hey someone close to Justin is saying that he is filing for divorce late Friday afternoon. I pray that’s not true. There’s lots of rumors coming out of him cheating and getting caught but filing for divorce? they are rarely together and he looks like a mess. But why would he leave her. if anything she should have dumped his cheating ass. poor Hailey
Hey there is a rumor that Justin is filing for divorce late afternoon on Friday. I hope this isn’t true. 😢😢 or Hailey knows. Poor @haileybieber There’s lots of talk of him cheating and being caught cheating recently.
Sent you a link in DM to insiders close to Justin and Hailey talking about the set up of these pictures. How uneasy Justin is feeling, how behind-the-scenes Selena and Haley plotted this and are becoming friendly. How Haley is obsessed with Selena and this won’t be the end of their connection. People including Haley‘s fans are dragging her. It makes her look so pathetic that behind the scenes she is obsessed and becoming friendly with Selena and risking her marriage. Selena and Justin do not have children. There’s no reason why she needs to be a part of their life. Haley isn’t looking so pathetic in all of this. It really shows that their marriage is troubled and she is threatened. she’s letting Selena have all this control. She’s a married woman. This is embarrassing. They need professional marriage counseling or to divorce and move on.
Obsessed with this look