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📸CONSIDERING A HOME BUILD? HERE ARE 5 TIPS! 🏡 1. TAKE YOUR TIME- especially during the planning stages. Space planning + design is crucial. Do not rush this! 2. PLAN FOR THE FUTURE - what will your family look like in 5, 10, 15 years. 3. BE FLEXIBLE WITH YOUR TIMELINE - there will be delays. 4. BE MINDFUL OF YOUR BUDGET - it’s very easy to spend more then you expect 5. HAVE A VISION - refer to it often! Do not let others steer you away from your vision. 🏡 . I’m curious- who here is considering building? Are you currently building? What stage are you in? SHARE! I want to connect 🍂🏡
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We are working on the floor plan and making some last minute changes. We’ve been at the floor plan for a year. Seriously.. it takes time but we are absolutely in love! ❤️
We are pretty much done (even if we are never really done with a house😅). We are currently taking care of the last details but already live in it for a while. My boyfriend has done everything by himself! So proud and thankful🙌 Already planing the next one!
We are closing on land in the next 2 weeks! Then the building process starts. Very overwhelmed thinking about where to start. We want to build our 40+ year home, which means planning for potential grand babies (our baby is currently 1 lol).
🙋🏼‍♀️ currently building ! I couldn’t agree more with all of yo it helpful tips. Our electrical is done ✔️ waiting on some plumbing and spray foam before drywall goes in. I don’t even ask when it will be done because I know that date will come and go😂
Currently building our forever dream home on our land. We have had this vision and dream for 15 years ❤️ Electric and plumbing is done, on to foam 👏
Your home is beautiful 😍 Took us a year to pick our plan because every other week I kept changing my mind! Then waited 3 months for the modifications and during that wait made other mods! Although a long time, I’m so glad we took our time as this is our forever home!! Another bonus is that lumber costs have come down! So we are now in the framing stage and so excited to see things happening!!!
Love your account!! I have saved so many things for inspiration. Thank you for sharing. We are finished with the designs and permits were just approved. We should start digging in the next week or so! Any advise is welcome :).
Just got our final floor plan back after thinking hard and carefully planning for 2 years!! I've already made most of the finishing choices, just worried about the waiting game. But so excited to see it all come to life!
We are almost finished with 13 month building process. I'm praying we can love in before the end of the month
Your property is stunning, it’s so amazing! And also, great building tips! 🤍
Preliminary walk through this week with the hopes of moving after final walk through on the 27th. So, soooo very close!
We started building. Doing our foundation 🧱😁. Can’t wait for the framing stage. So I’m here for all the tips haha. Thank you for sharing! 😌
Went to discuss the stake out today!!! Very specific with my 8th new build!!!
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Rough plumbing is happening now, electric will be next… but somehow after our electrical walk through we doubled the $… attempting to sort that through before proceeding = more delays!
Just finished!! Moving in on Thursday!! ❤️🏡
It’s so beautiful! I love your home so much ♥️
We are! I don’t even know where to begin. Any suggestions?
We plan to start in the Spring! We just bought Monika Hibbs’ former house plans!
We started the process last Sept and should be moving in next Friday 🤞🏻🙌🏻
Making all the notes, saving all the inspiration photos, sketching up ideas for a build in a few years. Your home is beautiful!
🙋🏻‍♀️ we are planning (..hoping..ugh ALR) to in Aldergrove. Other than having the land, we’re at the very beginning.
Building soon! Working on floor plans and site prep now.
@farmhouse.on.sycamore we broke ground at the end of July. Owner builder too. My husband is also currently working on finishing up backfilling the foundation this week so I feel you regarding timing right now! Good luck! 💕