3 months ago
πŸŽ‰ DOG MODELS WANTED! If you're obsessed with your dog, comment on this post and fill out the 5 minute application in our Instagram highlights by October 10th! We're looking for happy pups that we can send free clothing to every month, in return for you taking photos and videos and promoting our new releases. Doggos of all breeds and nations are loved! Thank you for being in our Crown & Paw Community! #CrownAndPaw #CrownAndPawClothing
Location New York, New York
My mommy and I would be interested! We got a bunch of your clothes from a giveaway and LOVE your products! We would love to me a model for your brand πŸ₯°
Yes #rhettdcbostonterrier
Are you still looking for dog models?
I know it’s technically over now, but Olli is the handsomest boy with bright blue eyes if you ever need another model!