2 months ago
Last year I spent a couple of weeks in the Maasai community of Irkeepusi, just east of the Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania; shooting a story on the greater Serengeti eco-system for @natgeo. My brief was to just shoot normal life. So every day my buddy Aloyce Mollel and I would just wander around seeing what was happening and hang out and shoot pictures. I was keen to avoid the clichés usually associated with Maasai life, because commonality is more often found in the mundane. And I reckon we better understand each other through shared experience. It was a lovely shoot, bloody freezing, but made a bunch of friends and good memories. The Maasai communities in this area are currently under the threat of relocation as their needs collide with the needs of wildlife and tourism. The history of the Maasai in the Serengeti eco-system is what ultimately helped create it and it remains inextricably linked to it. That relationship should never be underestimated.
Your work is absolutely beautiful and so full of atmosphere. Thanks for sharing it
I'm out that way now. On the rim! Samwell says Hi!
Such a beautiful series. Well done. Is the one guy in red taking a nap in the grass?
@southerncrossgalleries ☝️🤙🙏❤️
Interesting story 😍