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It's Friday and we are going to be "intuxiecated" (get it?) 🙈🍹We are using @rosie_milo Milo's birthday as an excuse so hopefully Head Counselor Sprinkles will give us a pass this time😸 #rosieandmilo6thbdaysummercamp ! 🏕 Come meet us 1️⃣ @fluffyandfurry2017 #mobilemixologylab 2️⃣ @katnisstuxedocat #katnisscocktailcar With dapper tuxies Sunni @alwayssunnihere Henry @henryscatadventures Korky @korkykatt Milo @rosie_milo Siroo @siroothetuxedo Walter @walterjface 3️⃣ Are you ready to hang some tree lights? Check with Henry @henryscatadventures for updates!😻❤✨ 4️⃣ We took advantage of the beautiful weather and went for Balloon rides with furriends @cinderfella3319 Cinders @pixandpatch Pix & Patch 5️⃣ @whisk_n_ham Whiskas & Hammy @henryscatadventures Henry 6️⃣ Last night's poker game was intense! Good thing Angel Thomas @thomastheginger brought his famous red sofa for #ThursdayScratchPawty ! 7️⃣Campers also gathered to unwind #bobbingforapplesforchandler & dancing @inlieuofyoupets dance studio where @mews_oz_bean_winston was playing🎶. 8️⃣ Went back to Pebbles PopUp Boutique @mrs_paula_morrow to grab this year's t-shirts meowdeled by @miss_alinzongo 9️⃣Took my sisfur Nala @my_fury_baby_nala to a little shopping at @thunder_and_fred pawsome Camp Store😸 1️⃣0️⃣When I saw the box at Marmie and Mira's @thisis_carola Camp Ebay store, I instinctly jumped in! Little do I know Nala was trying to trick me so she can ship me to Iceland! Nice try bestie!😹👍 ❤Thank you @cflickcats for the fun background edits & summer camp activities Love, Roscoe #roscoethecat
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Oh you are all beautiful 😍 🤩 👌 Hope you have lots of fun in your wonderful 🥳 🥳🎉🪅🎊🍺🍻🥳🎉🪅🎊
Intuxicated !!! 🤣
It's been the best day ever S'Coe.. a balloon ride to remember that's for sure! Thank you so much for giving us a once in a lifetime camp time buddy. We loves ya🖤🖤
Intuxicated?!!🙊😹😹😹 I’m high as a kite, er balloon 🎈 already!!😹
Happy Friday sweet friends! Have fun getting intuxiecated! 😂🍹🥃🍸🏕❤️🎉
Oops I might have bought too much stuff in the store 🙈 Next time I will give you sleep 💤 pill’s just kidding I just wanted you to come to the Blue Lagoon with me so I could justify going there for spa treatments it’s expensive but mom would not say no to you cute face 😉😍
Intuxiecated for sure 🫣🧡😹😹🍹have a fun Fridayyyyy cuties 🤗🧡🤗
Tuxies certainly know how to party.
I don’t want to go home from camp
Intuxiecated 👏😹So much fun at summer camp sweeties! 🙌🏕🪵🌞😻💖
What is better than a tuxedo cat? Many tuxedo cats 🐈‍⬛ 👏
What an awesome week it was ❤️
What a pawsome week! ❤️🎉
Cheers! 😹🥂
It was a Fu Furriday at Camp #rosieandmilo6thbdaysummercamp 😻
Tuxies make the best partiers 🙌🎉🖤🤍🍸
Thank you so much for stop by to Pebbles PopUp Boutique and looking very cool indeed 😎💕😺
Keep rockin' the summer camp fun! 😻🥳