1 year ago
FINALLY HOME 🇯🇲 Exactly 20 years ago I left my home and now I was able to reconnect with the island that made me and trust me it’s something I’ve wanted to do for timeeeeeee, so I’m glad I’ve been actually done it. No one will understand how much this journey meant to me I don’t even think I do but it’s the biggest blessing for my soul and how I manoeuvre going forward with my life. Had family that I’ve only seen pictures of and spoke to on video call over the years all come and meet me at the airport which was a special moment for me. Nuff more images coming from the whole trip. Jamaica has my whole heart and soul 🇯🇲❤️ #DatIsIt
Location Jamaica
@michealward I love you real bad 🥺🫶🏾
I wanna be by your side ❤️
My Jamie ❤️
yard ting 🇯🇲
nice story