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Silk Road to Nasca by @aladybehindthebar 🍸 β€œWhen creating this drink I thought about Marco Polo and his incredible chronicles of his stay at the court of Kublai Khan. He described the Mongolians as a rich and refined population. His trips inspired generations of geographers, merchants and adventurers, among them Cristopher Columbus who thought he had reached Catai (northern China) until his third trip when he realized that the American continent was in between. So since I wanted to use Peruvian Pisco in combination with Chinese Baijiu, I imagined Marco Polo traveling even further from China and reaching the shores of Peru journeying on the silk merchants route until Nasca. Now that I gave you an explanation for the drink and its name let me just finish by saying that the sweet and sour combination of fresh peach juice, raspberry hibiscus and rhubarb cordial topped with bitter lemon soda is a delicious waltz between sweet sour and bitterness. This drink is perfect to quench your thirst and satisfy your palate so please try it and let me know if I'm right.” ~ @aladybehindthebar 🎎 45ml @piscoporton 🎎 15ml @mingriverbaijiu 🎎 25ml fresh peach juice (from muddled and strained fruit) 🎎 15ml raspberry hibiscus rhubarb cordial 🎎 bitter lemon soda @drinklimestone Method: Shake the juice and spirits with ice and strain into ice filled highball. Pour the soda on top with the cordial for a more dramatic color effect. Garnish with a mint sprig πŸ™ŒπŸ» #cocktail #cocktailrecipes #cocktailrecipe #pisco #baiju #craftedcocktails #craftedmixology #mixologyart #mixologyguide #cocktailsathome #drinklimestone #homemixology
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