7 months ago
The Fremont Strawberry Festival Parade in Mount Pleasant Mills, Pennsylvania. I had a good laugh telling Stella, pictured here leading her horse, that her daughter was living my literal childhood dream, which anyone who knew me as a kid could attest: riding her horse through town with her chihuahua by her side. ⁠ ⁠ This photo is from a new project, “America’s Homecoming,” I began last summer, documenting the ways that, all across the country, communities celebrate their shared histories and customs with annual, traditional events. At a time of political division and pandemic isolation, I wanted to photograph how Americans were coming together to celebrate community with their neighbors. These events – the county fair, the fireman’s carnival, the annual parade – rarely make the national news, but they are important to the fabric of life in small towns across the country.⁠ ⁠ #Americashomecoming #FremontStrawberryFestival #Pennsylvania #horse #chihuahua⁠
Location Mount Pleasant Mills, Pennsylvania
Wonderful photo great project