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8 months ago
Dana Sotomish, Nez Perce Quinault “Me and my family, we eat salmon all the time. We fish every summer in Oregon on the Columbia River, close to Rufus. Before we used to not be able to fish there, but my grandma actually fought for our fishing rights. She went to jail like, oh gosh, at least three times. I know that for sure, because she kept fishing on our river and she said, ‘No, this is our home. We've always fished here, since way back in the day. We need to fish. This is our subsistence. This is our life, our life force.’ And so my grandma, and my grandpa, kept fighting for our salmon rights. Eventually the case went all the way to the state Supreme Court, and then we were able to keep fishing there because it’s a part of our ‘usual and accustomed fishing places.’ Even off the Rez we can still hunt and fish. And we're one of the few tribes who can actually do that, because it's written in our treaties.”
What a beautiful capture as well as an important story to tell. We are so grateful for your grandparent’s willingness to fight for what is rightfully theirs.
Great awareness to an important issue.
As it should be♥️ not just for your tribe but all tribes. What a blessing your grandmother was to your people
Beautiful complexion.
Go, Martin!! 🔥🔥🔥
Good luck and love for her tribe, and you, Martin, that are doing a brilliant job. 🌹
I love your photos and the stories behaind 🙌