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10 months ago
Thank you to Ben Crawford & New Gen T&F for making this trip possible for me! Thanks to everyone who followed along on my journey through my social media outlets. Everyone who took the time out of their day to message me kind words throughout my trip. Everyone who came to see me at one of my stops with food and love. Everyone who sent me a venmo so I could have money for food and drinks. Everyone who wrote a story about my trek to Eugene to share to the world. Everyone who sent me or offered to send me gear and care packages prior to my trip. Everyone who interacted with my content and enjoyed it. Everyone who kept me in their thoughts and prayers. Everyone who gave me a phone call to check in on me. Just a huge thank you to every single one of you guys, although I traveled alone, I never once felt alone on this journey. You guys made this 4 day bus ride more fun than I could have ever imagined and it was absolutely worth every minute of it. I’m appreciative to be a part of a sport with such a caring and passionate community. The journey doesn’t end here, I will be at the World Championships for the next week providing more content from inside and outside of the meet and I hope you guys stick around and continue to follow along. Much love & appreciation, Greyhound Bus Jan 🚌
Location Eugene, Oregon
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Made it out the mud 🫡
Respect bro 🤝 keep doing great things!