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@memphisdepay my brother you are a legend!! Man said come ghana and get inspired…this trip was wayyyyy more than inspiring. To see what can happen when you just genuinely want to give was special to me. #MemphisDepayfoundation looks after def and blind children it just makes you deep how lucky and blessed to be in the position we’re in so the least we can do is help those that can’t help themselves. Deaf children came up to me and was showing me how they knew about TopBoy and that moment amongst many others I’ll never forget 🙏🏾❤️
Location Cape Coast, Ghana
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Many forget that they stepped on mud when there was no tar, @michealward you are a black man who never forgets his roots,an idol for many of us,a strong man,hard and with a good perspective … Keep it up Bro 🔥✊.. ✌️
Innit brvh 😂 I fucking love you swear 😍😍 I love that word innit 😂
Me your handbag okay
The real top boy👏
Lol 😂
If you are coming to Nigeria, come directly to Abuja, you’ll enjoy it here😁 then visit University of Abuja let’s have some Top Boy moments 😁😁😂😂❤️ Much love cuz
We want you in Nigeria, you can’t go to Ghana and don’t come to Nigeria😭😭😭
Come to Nigeria 😭😭😭😭😭 please