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The time has come to reveal what we have been busy cultivating for your fine taste buds! Said fine taste buds will have an opportunity to indulge in 3 different flavours in our Limited Edition Taster Packs. 1. Lemon Verbena Water which some of you may already know and love. 2. Ginger Water which is absolutely delicious and a wonderful representative of the sweetness and the gentle spiciness of Ginger. (Pretty darn good with a number of "stronger" liquids!) 3. And finally, new to the drinks scene but a favourite in the world of herbs...... Ashwagandha Water. This has a mouth-watering Earthy, Smokey flavour with hints of burnt chocolate. Not to be missed! It's important to note, that all these waters have nothing but the herbal extract and sparkling spring water.... absolutely nothing else. All now available in handy, easy to grab cans! To get some early access to the Limited Edition Taster Packs, follow the link I've put in my bio. To your Health! #No1EarlyAccess #DrinkToYourHealth @no1botanicals
Most handsome man on earth
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Soap opera: BabilΓ΄nia, Martin Luther's letters, part 5.14>> -Come on man, let's talk, there's more about Penelope that I need to tell you, let's go to her office..... That said, the two go to Sesshoumar's office, leaving Rin and Suikotsu alone in the kitchen. The two then start laughing without understanding what was happening and then start playing again with one throwing soap foam at the other. But Rin is a little worried about Sesshoumaru, even though she doesn't want to, something inside her heart is worried about him. She just asked, in her mind, the Lord God not to let him get into trouble
Novel: Babylon, the letters of Martin Luther, part 5.13>> -How is it? how dare you take away my authority in front of these ''ants''? (Sesshomaru says already getting angry, but Kirinmaru ends up giving in to not punch him there) -Oh man, for God's sake, you hired Rin as a receptionist, then put her to clean your office, now you asked her to clean the entire floor and on top of that without any help, what's that? people are not machines, she needs help, so Suikotsu stays, it's my order... -I demand that he be fired immediately.... -Ah, by the way, I received a message from Penelope, she is looking for you, she asked me to tell you that she loved the weekend and will want to do it again.... Upon hearing the name Penelope, Sesshoumaru shuts up and directs his gaze to Rin, who already with a frightened look, lowers his head imagining that he would never think about having anything with Sesshoumaru again, that he was not the just and honorable man than she thought, so it was better for her to just behave like a servant. At that, Kirinmaru pats Rin on the back and shakes hands with Suikotsu and walks carefully across the soapy floor towards Sesshoumaru.