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Some people celebrate special memories and #ValentinesDay with chocolate and candles. Those are great, but I like to celebrate special occasions with incredible wine from @winecountryont In this very special episode of #DanielsDish I am pairing the perfect VQA wines with special memories in hopes of inspiring you to do the same!  First date? A crisp VQA Rose is always a safe option. It's easy drinking, refreshing, and things can be a bit flirty with the right bottle!  First weekend away to the cottage? A fruity and flavourful VQA Baco Noir that pairs perfectly with dark chocolate and cuddling beside the fireplace.  A proposal? Bubbles of course! VQA has some fun expressions of sparkling wine perfect to celebrate with your fiance!  Outdoor adventure or date at the gym? Cool off in the shower and warm up with a buttery VQA Chardonnay. A personal favourite of mine!  Visit to Wine Country? Where the magic happens! Grab a VQA Riesling and cheers to the views and memories you'll make in one of Canada's most romantic regions.  These options and so many more have helped to make memories with Julio all the more special. Thank you to @saintlywine, @henryofpelham, @triuswines, @peleewinery and so many other amazing Ontario wine producers for making our memories more special.  What are some of your VQA favourites? Tag them in the comments below and tell me how you'll be enjoying Valentine's Day Today! #ForTheLoveOfVQA #DoTheDaniel #Wine #ValentinesDay #AD
Location Toronto, Ontario
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